Make it
more effective

We offer beneficial functions including gait
measurement and analyzing tool
to perform more effective consultation.
NEUROGAIT can also help to have better
interactions with the patients.


  • Realtime Biofeedback

    Our digital insoles support to give real-time
    biofeedback throughout our application.
    Providers will be able to see the movement
    of center of pressure while the patient is walking.
  • Optimized for Diseases

    NEUROGAIT for providers support diverse areas of
    disease such as neurology, rehabilitation and orthopedic.
    With diagnostic functions and given parameters,
    you can have deeper understanding of patient status.
  • Monitor your Patients

    You can manage your patient’s information and
    schedule on web-based dashboard.
    Also, our application is connected with web for the patient
    management so that you can easily track down the history
    and diagnose the improvement.


SALTED healthcare accelerates our projects with passionate people to deliver our healthcare solutions.
  • Neurology

  • Orthopedic

  • Rehabilitation

  • Sports Medicine

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